Friday 9 December 2011

Revised Book Covers & Synopses

I am finally done with another round of editing. This one seems to be my most thorough yet. Just glad that I'm finally done. Also, I have been working on improving my book covers with some free stock photographs I found online. Everything looks good to go. But let me know what you think...

A lawyer’s search for truth and justice makes him a victim of the very same criminal prosecution system he has sworn to serve.

It started with a simple phone call. Next thing John knew, he was meeting with a reporter who claimed to have the information he needed to prove his client’s innocence. But John could not foresee that its pursuit would lead him to the body of the informant, placing him at the scene of the crime and also making him the sole suspect. Now, with a presiding judge who seems dead-set on making an example out of him, John must first prove his own innocence, before he is sentenced to erasure, a form of capital punishment wherein the convict’s memories are completely erased.

A wealthy businessman is brought back from the grave with dire consequences.

It was supposed to be a straight-forward operation. Ed’s memories had been extracted without any complications. A perfect stranger had been found to play host to those memories. All they had to do was implant Ed’s memories into the brain of the host. But with most novel experiments, things never go according to plan. Not when the perfect stranger turns out to be a homicidal psychopath. Now, Ed is a fugitive, running away from a murder he cannot even remember committing.

When faced with the dominion of a totalitarian government, an entire generation of youths put their faith in a movement known as The Second Rebellion.

Growing up in the Lowlands is tough enough. But when you’re a 16-year-old orphan living with a sister who is perpetually stoned, things can get pretty messed up. This is why Jason had jumped at the opportunity to leave it all behind. He had been chosen, along with three others, to step beyond the confines of reality, and experience Gomorrah, a fully-realized virtual reality world. Little did he know though, that he was about to get caught in the crossfire, in a war fought not with guns and on battlefields, but through computers and over computer networks.