Monday 27 August 2012

The Fall (Guardians, #2)

The second book in my epic fantasy series, Guardians & The Lost Paradise, is out now. It went live on Amazon a few hours ago:

Amazon US | Amazon UK

As usual, you can head over to for more information on The Fall, where you can join the mailing list so you'd receive this announcement type posts without having to visit the blog. Or, you know, just to take a look at the shiny new slide I just put up for it. ;)

To celebrate the new release and show appreciation to all those that helped make it possible, I have serialized the first book in its entirety on Wattpad. For those of you who don't know, Wattpad is an online repository of sorts where writers can share their stories with readers for free. That's right. For free.

Why have I done this? Well, Wattpad seems like the perfect home for my book. It's open to any kind of writing, but it seems to lean towards young adult fiction, as most of the users fall under the teenage demographic. The Journey started off as middle grade fiction, before morphing and becoming more Pan's Labyrinth than Chronicles of Narnia. So the whole thing just seems to make sense.

Will I be serializing subsequent books in the series? I seriously doubt it. It was a real chore getting the first book up, so much so that I don't really see myself going through all that again. At least not anytime soon. But only time would tell. I know for certain that I'll be serializing The Morning Star though, a short story prequel to the series I wrote for a writing competition back in June. So there's that to look forward to as well.

P.S: Happy Birthday, mum!


  1. Great present for you mother!
    I'll plug it for you on Wednesday, Michael. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks, Alex, for being awesome once again. :D

  2. As always, I hope you have great success with it.

  3. Replies
    1. Oh, I just figured out what the loading screen does. It preloads the images etc!

      I was trying to work out what the point of it was, and had decided it was pointless. But yes, when the website loads it is a far better experience with everything preloaded.

    2. Yes. That's the general idea behind it, although I noticed a trend on slower connection speeds where it doesn't quite manage to load all the images beforehand.

    3. Hey Ed, I just sent you an e-mail...

  4. congratulations, Michael. I love that cover. You can check mine out on my blog.

  5. I couldn't connect to the link from your blog. I had to paste it in Google.... All the best, Michael.

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