Saturday, 6 March 2021

Coming 2 America (Movie Review)

It has taken more than three decades, but we've finally gotten a sequel to one of the biggest breakout comedies from the 1980s, Coming to America. In that film, a young African prince had decided to scorn the traditions of his kingdom, as he journeys to America in search of true love. Considered a cult classic till today, the movie was a hit with audiences all over the world. So it comes to reason then that expectations were reasonably high for this long-awaited sequel.

In Coming 2 America, Eddie Murphy reprises his role as Prince Akeem of Zamunda. It's been 30 years since the events of the first film, and now with the king (James Earl Jones) on his deathbed, Akeem must prepare to take the mantle for himself. He must also contend with General Izzi (Wesley Snipes), a local warload and leader of the neighboring kingdom of Nextdoria, who is still displeased that Akeem had opted not to marry his younger sister, Imani, in the first film.

With the two kingdoms on the verge of war, Akeem finds himself trying to secure Zamunda's future in the event of his untimely passing, a task that is made harder by the fact that he only had three daughters and no male heir. But he soon learns that he'd fathered an illegitimate son (Jermaine Fowler) with a woman named Mary (Leslie Jones) while in America. Now he must journey back to New York with his trusty aide, Semmi (Arsenio Hall), with hopes of finding him.

Coming 2 America doubles down on everything fans loved about the first movie. The result is a movie that might not be considered fresh or original, but one that also never ceases to be entertaining. And the fact that it doesn't even try to reinvent the wheel is certainly not a bad thing, not when the movie had so much going for it.

Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall look like they've barely aged a day since the first movie, with both actors once again taking upon multiple roles. But the true highlight for me was Wesley Snipes, who looked like he was having the most fun out of all the actors. He also managed to garner the most laughs, as every single one of his scenes had me smiling from ear to ear.

The other performances ranged from good to adequate, although I found Leslie Jones' turn as Mary, the mother to Akeem's illegitimate son, a little too over-the-top and stereotypical for my liking. But taken as a whole, the ensemble certainly holds their own, even though other areas like the script left a bit more to be desired.

Coming 2 America might lean a little too heavily upon the nostalgia fans had for the first movie, but it is still a worthy sequel in more ways than one. Its predictable story is made up for by some truly funny performances, and even the over-the-top antics of some of its characters felt right at home. I don't see the film winning over any new fans, but it has certainly managed to please this one.


  1. I might watch it for Wesley Snipes. Always like him.

    1. He was indeed a highlight, and I would love to see him in more roles like this one.


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